Inga Seidler

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.10.28

Inga Seidler 

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedGermany
Period2016.2 - 2016.3
Purpose of the residency

I am especially interested in the working and living conditions for independent culture workers, artists, activists and their modes of practice and their approaches to current social, political and cultural issues.
During the research residency at TWS, I will focus on specific conditions in Tokyo/Japan, and look into the connections between the independent art and digital culture scene and a seemingly new culture of protest. For this I aim to interview a number of culture workers, artists, academic researchers, or activists within the alternative arts scene of Tokyo on the their considerations and thoughts, and the implications of their activities in terms of politics, social engagement, networking and alternative living models.

Plan during the residency

The residency period Feb/Mar 2016 marks a significant moment for Tokyo, or rather Japan in general, as it is exactly five years after the reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. It seems that following the disaster a new culture of (mass) protest has emerged, that Japan that has not experienced since the 60s - originating from a community of artists and activists in Tokyo. The first weeks of the research residency at TWS will be dedicated to field research, to identify and establish contacts in the local scene, in oder to be able to conduct interviews, that I aim to publish online as transcribed or audio excerpts, alongside of reports, case studies, photo and video material.

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