Chiang Kai-CHUN

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program
(Creators from abroad)

Chiang Kai-CHUN

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program
(Creators from abroad)
Activity BasedTaiwan / France
Period2017.1 - 2017.3
Purpose of the residency

Robert Breer is my favorite multimedia artist, Fuji, one of his films showing a journey on the train in Japan which inspire my creation. This experimental film mix with Breer's drawing of Fuji Mountain and some moving images. Two skills combine together in one film make me think about the ''Raden'', a traditional technique use two different materials. As a craft man, I would like to know more about this Japanese craft art, for exemple: the beauty of Raden, or how to show Raden in a contemporary way?
The other side, as a filmmaker, I would like to feel free, don't have specific purpose to film my daily life in Tokyo but I want to really take time to feel the Japanese culture and society today. My resent work, showing at Taipei Biennale in 2016, is about the culture of Suiseki in the East of Taiwan. It will be wonderful to visit some Japanese gardens and see the different between Taiwan and Japan.

Plan during the residency

During the residency in Tokyo wonder site, there are two subjects I'd like to resarchs: Suiseki すいせき and Lacquerware らでん, special in the Kiyosumi Japanese garden and Edo Tokyo museum. This research has an important relation with my recent art work about Stone, Mosaic and Pixel art. I'm looking for any potential between traditional craftart and Contemporary art.

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