Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (International creators from abroad)

update: 2019.10.7


Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program
(Creators from abroad)
Activity BasedBelgium
Period2017.5 - 2017.7
Purpose of the residency

My goal for this residency is to revisit the traditional and actual cut-out technique based on a collection of data on twilight in Tokyo. This project explores links between the Japanese stencil process, the representation of twilight in Tokyo that is different from a romantic vision because it is affected by environmental factors, and my painting practice that is anchored in North American culture.

More concretely, my goal is to realize paintings based on a cartographic representation of the data dealing with the twilight in Tokyo. To do this, I will take into account the pictorial processes of the history of Western painting and certain techniques of Katagami.

Plan during the residency

1. Research Stage

1.1 Quantitative data: collection of measurements of twilight luminance and colour temperature.
I will use a portable colourimeter to gather data on site.

1.2 Quantitative data: sunlight and pollution
This aspect concerns the gathering of data in newspapers and on the internet concerning sunlight and the degree of brightness, as well as air quality, according to my geographic location.

1.3 Qualitative data: figurative representation of twilight in Tokyo
Certain Japanese prints will be the starting point for collecting figurative representations of twilight throughout the city's history.

2. Creative Stage

2.1 Practical data: stencils according to Katagami
I will work in the studio with the information compiled as a way of studying, revisiting, and putting into practice the cutout techniques.

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