Residency Program

International Creator Residency Program

update: 2019.10.7


Participating Project International Creator Residency Program
Activity BasedGermany
Period2017.5 - 2017.7
Purpose of the residency

My second feature film project IGUANA TOKYO features the story in the landscape of Tokyo. Therefore, my artistic research will mainly be based in the city of Tokyo. My observations on the dynamics of the space and human-space relations brought me to Tokyo. I would like to work further on the architectural aspects of the city, which is a main component in the narrative level of my film. Moreover, I intend to extend my artistic collaborations with Japan-based artists to develop the animation elements of Iguana Tokyo, which is the second reason. Next to developing the idea for my film I intend to create an art installation during my residency in Tokyo, which is based on the computer game "Square meter" that will be featured in the narrative of the film. This installation will enable visitors to bodily and affectively experience the computer game in an architectural setting. The installation will not only be an important step for the project development but also be a work of its own that brings perceptive components together.

Plan during the residency

During my residency in Tokyo I would like to develop an installation entitled "M2 Container", a mechanical space, which is installed in a container- where the participants can bodily experience the modulating spaces. This installation will be based on the computer game M2, that is a vital component of IGUANA TOKYO, that I am working on. The residency will at the same time allow me to work further and closely with the contemporary artist Temnyouya Hisashi on the character sketches and background creation of the animation part of IGUANA TOKYO.

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