Residency Program

Research Residency Program


Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedUnited States
Period2018.6 - 2018.7
Purpose of the residency

A girl walks into almost any art museum in the world and is confronted by centuries of work by male artists. Though she is seeing the history of civilization from the point of view of men, this will not be made readily clear, as the institution will not be called The Museum of Art by Men. This narrowed experience will expand out only minimally when she exits the museum, and journeys through public space and popular media. What experience does this girl have in front of these images? Does she locate herself within them? How do they shape her present life, and the future she will have a hand in building? And if she has the desire and power to change these images, what will we be looking at? Girl/Future starts with a simple act, filming girls speaking about what they see in these images.

Plan during the residency

-Research/observation of contemporary visual culture of Tokyo
- images, in museums, public space, television, etc. especially as it applies to gender representation and roles
-Finding locations, including museums that might be open to collaboration
-Making contact with girls that might be interested in participating
-Contacting participants from 37 Stories About Leaving Home, the film I shot in Tokyo in 1994 about a group of mothers, daughters and grandmothers living in the Tokyo area. What has changed after almost a quarter of a century?
-Lecture at Tokyo Geidai Film department
-Image Forum Festival, jury member and screening
-Reviewing footage shot for Girl/Future over the past few months at the MDBK/Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig.

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