Gabriela López DENA

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

Gabriela López DENA

Participating Project Research Residency Program
Period 2019.1 - 2019.2
Purpose of the residency

I will use my 6-week residency in TOKAS doing research on bathing culture, specifically I will be looking at sentos and their architecture. I am interested in the ritual yet social role public bathing plays in the everyday life of Japanese urban dwellers. I plan to visit different sentos around Tokyo in order to understand their spatial configuration and materiality. Of equal importance for my work, is the way in which people use these spaces for relaxation, self-care and social interactions. I will be collecting my impressions mostly through drawings.

Plan during the residency

-Spend time in different sentos throughout Tokyo.
(Daikoku-yu, Fuku-no-yu, Arai-yu, Tsuru no yu and others)
-Conduct historial research on sentos.
-Interview people who often spend time there.
-Map the sentos and their architectural elements through drawings and collages.
-Create drawings and maps of the different sentos and their bathing protocols.

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