GU Minja

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

GU Minja

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedKorea / Belgium 
Period2019.1 - 2019.2 
Purpose of the residency

My most recent interest is on food, as the embodiment of society-specific context, history, and meaning. Recently in 2017, I participated in a residency program in Gasworks, London, for 3 months. During the stay, my research and practice was focused on the history of the spread a specific food - Curry. Curry is one example of food that spread throughout the world from South East Asia to British Empire, in turn landed in Japan, and finally spread to Korea. While I was researching on the influence of 'Curry in British Empire', I found some interesting points about The Great Exposition(London World Expo) in 1851, and Natsume Soseki's staying in London where he had found the shadow of Modernism. I'll keep researching and planning a performance related to those subjects(Curry - World Expo - Natsume Soseki) during staying in Tokyo.

Plan during the residency

-Research on curry recipe - rice recipe from newpapers in 20th century.
-Site visit of historical palces related to curry, world expo-Tokyo and Osaka
- and Natsume Soseki -Filming during the site visit.
-Finding someone who can show or teach their own home made curry (Curry and rice)/ Learning to cook Curry from them. -planning for the performance
- cooking and eating / if possible, will do the performance

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