Residency Program

Research Residency Program


Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedUnited States
Period2019.2 - 2019.3
Purpose of the residency

On my first visit to Japan, I am interested in researching several aspects of Japanese culture and industry that relate to my interest in the intersection of art, biotechnology and finance. One area of focus will be the world of robotics, AI, and life extending technologies such as 3D bio ink printing and human tissue culture. As Japan is a key player in the global fishing industry, I am also interested in researching how biotechnology is being used to deal with the impacts of climate change such as ocean acidification that is greatly affecting marine life. Bioengineering in sea farming (hatcheries and aquaculture) are of particular interest.

Plan during the residency

-As Japan is a leader in robotics and AI, I hope to gain a better understanding of both the economic and manufacturing side of the industry as well as the Japanese philosophy around what it means to be cyborg. -Exploring the world of biotechnology in Japan from the vantage point of the industry but also the perspective of hacker DIY communities.
-Researching Japan's vast fishing industry and innovations in sea farming that are confronting the challenges of climate change and warming sea waters. This includes a visit to the new Toyosu Fish Market!
-Traveling between topographies of the urban, rural and coastal to gain some insight into the cultural, economic and spatial differences and how that effects lifestyle choices. -Spending the night in a time capsule hotel and writing poetry to the ghost of Frederick Winslow Taylor, the godfather of the assembly line and modern industrialization.

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