Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (Japan-based creators sent abroad)

update: 2021.1.29


Participating Project    Exchange Residency Program (Creators sent abroad) 
Activity Based Japan/South Korea
City / Place stayed Berlin / Kunstquartier Bethanien 
Period 2020.10 - 2020.12
Purpose of the residency

I create videos and a responsive reacting installation through this program. The main theme includes the oppression of freedom and the reality of those who are forced to live under this situation, reflecting the dark side of contemporary society.

Plan during the residency
  • Research for Video Production 
  • Experiments for installations that respond and vibrate to the video
  • Installation creation, film documentation
Activities during residency

Remembered fluctuation Ich erinnere mich... is based on her own experience of being a victim of discrimination against Asians in Germany, and in response to the incident, she decided to change her initial plan. She realized the work with the cooperation of a human-rights organization composed of those who share similar experiences as hers. It is not only a work in which Asian women living in Berlin confess and share the racist acts they suffered as a warning towards German society but also a direct archive of their faces and voices.

Work in progress

Outcome of the residency

It was a very valuable experience for me as an artist to learn that the act of creating art works is not to look only inside myself, but to observe the society suffering under the surface, and to speak out for it. I realized art can protect those who the nation (law) does not protect, and can face what society ignores. I would like to keep the artist spirit which I have learned from my experience in Tokyo and Berlin, and through this Tokyo-Berlin Exchange Residency Program.

Remembered fluctuation Ich erinnere mich..., 2020, CRTmonitor, Screen, HD, Stereo, 34’9”

Remembered fluctuation Ich erinnere mich..., 2020, CRTmonitor, Screen, HD, Stereo, 34’9”

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