LIN Yu Hsuan

Residency Program

Curator Residency Program

update: 2024.4.4

LIN Yu Hsuan

Participating ProjectCurator Residency Program
Activity BasedTaipei
City / Place stayedTokyo
Period2024.1 - 2024.3
Purpose of the residency

In this residency project titled "New Orders in the Spaces of Taiwan and Japan," departing from previous curatorial focuses on the individual roles of Taiwan and Hong Kong in political and social spaces, the highly developed social order in Japan and the juxtaposition of the personal within it are chosen as the subject of study. The aim is to explore the collective consciousness of contemporary society and its relationship with the private sphere by expanding the discussion through the lens of "space." Through this exploration, the project seeks to pose questions about the future of the new Asia. Originating from the post-globalization era, the project contemplates how the potential energy of individuals can serve as a connecting thread within the social orders and rules established in different cities.

Plan during the residency
  • Research Project 1: Memorial Scenes for Post-Disaster Reconstruction
  • Research Project 2: Interviews with Young Artists
  • Research Project 3: Restrictions and Reutilization of Public Spaces

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