Residency Program

Curator Residency Program

update: 2024.1.31


Participating ProjectCurator Residency Program
Activity BasedVientiane
City / Place stayedTokyo
Period2024.1 - 2024.3
Purpose of the residency

My research during this residency will focus on the role of curators in the development of contemporary art with the case study of how curators in Japan work in the contemporary art field. Curatorial practice has risen to prominence in the contemporary art world because of the increased importance of mediating between institutional bureaucracy, market forces, artistic representation, and public tastes. In other words, a curator has a seminal role in the development of contemporary art. This research aims to examine the work of curators in Japan in the field of contemporary art, particularly the emerging field of new media art to understand their essential role and qualification in curating an art project.
During this residency, I plan to involve myself in the curatorial practices in Japanese culture in terms of the recent role of curators in contemporary art, learning through practical (visiting museums and art spaces, assisting curators, working with artists, interviewing curators and artists etc.) and theoretical (thoughts, conceptual ideas, picking up curious topics for discussion, books and examples of contemporary art in Japan etc.) approaches. In addition, culture exchange would benefit fruitful thoughts on how Japan and Laos have maintained curators and how curators work in each country. The most important purpose is to acknowledge the recent role of curators. I believe this project will enlarge my vision and strengthen my ability to dedicate myself to contemporary art in Laos.

Plan during the residency
  • Mentoring, training, sharing, and discussion on diverse curatorial work
  • Interview artists and curators
  • Visit museums, art galleries, studios
  • Make research paper
  • Co - op a mini exhibition / Open Studio
  • Public talk / Share how’s contemporary art in Laos has been formed

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