Residency Program

Institutional Recommendation Program

update: 2024.2.26


Participating ProjectInstitutional Recommendation Program
Activity Based Berlin
Period 2024.3
Purpose of the residency

After the online residency in 2021 due to the restrictions of Covid, I finally want to come to Tokyo in person and continue the research of constructing ways of communication with extraterrestrials. I want to build on the movement research I developed during the pandemic, which could only manifest in the medium of video and bring it into an analog live-performance in collaboration with sound-artist Macarena Fuentes. We will investigate into questions of how the unknown body of an alien would produce and perceive sounds, especially as in outer space, due to the lack of atoms and molecules, sound has no way to travel. I intend to develop a group of sculptures which function as body-extentions and gateways to support installing a connection to outer space. The sculptures will work as resonators that amplify the movement and translate them into a code that speaks to the extraterrestrial. Our interest lies here particularly in the symbiosis and possible mutual interaction between the solid sculpture, ephemeral dance and intangible sound.

Plan during the residency

After arrival, we will get to know the environment and start working on our research in relation to what we encounter in this unknown context. We will analyze which form and materiality can serve best the purposes of the sculptures. Finally, we will investigate which format and location would suit the work for the Open Studio presentation without disturbing the other artists in the building and in the exhibition, which could also include unconventional areas of TOKAS or even the public space.

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