Born in 1977. Graduated from  Designacademy Eindhoven, Netherlands background) in 2007.
From august 2007 until September 2010, I worked as a designer , a full time employee for the designoffice "Studio Makkink&Bey" in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I worked on a large variety of projects ranging from a sketch design for a dike bracing in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands to a ceramic Tulip tower.

Recent activities are
"Nest 20", NAI Rotterdam, 2008, drawings and an animation were shown

"Immodest proposals" Version festival/ dark matters, Eastern expansion Chicago, USA, 2009, group exhibition where a drawing of an imaginairy citylandscape was shown,

"Insight the city", Dek 22, projectspace in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2010, group exhibition where my drawings of imaginairy city landscapes were shown

"C'era una Volta", gallery Frank Taal, gallery in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2011
group exhibition where my drawings of imaginairy city landscapes were shown

"De Aanschouw 47", gallery de Aanschouw, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2011
exhibition of an imaginairy city landscape

About works / performance

Surrounded by the buildings of a city a promenader can get overwhelmed by the architectural grandeur. The cultural achievements that the surrounding architecture breathes are telling stories from now and yesteryears. A different face of a city is the uncanny, sinister or even menacing one that an urban environment can have.  These thoughts formed the starting point of a drawing research towards ambivalent circumstances in cities and agglomerations. I use contrasts, conversions and very specific attributes of existing cities as a material to develop imaginary city landscapes.


City 1
2007,black fineliner, 100•70 cm


City 2
2008, black fineliner, 105*80 cm


City 3
2008, black fineliner 105*80 cm


City 4
2010, black fineliner 150*130 cm


City 5
2009, black fineliner, 150*130 cm