Win EI EI Latt

Win EI EI Latt


Born in 1978 at lower part of Myanmar. Learned basic painting at DPI art class and Sunflower art class. Learned about new media art from New Zero Art Space and learned photography from Myanmar Photo Society and Canon Club. Made twenty group art exhibitions and one solo show. About works / performance

About works / performance
Painting - most of my works are action paintings with strong strokes
and sometimes I use enamel.
Installation - install colours and sometimes I use a lot of tissues ....colourful liquids and ribbons.
Performance - My Performances are based on feminism and sometimes I also based on enviromental subjects.

Life is just living ...anyway, anywhere, but we have to do something.As for me it's ART.
I believe that colours can make us cool and relax.
So, sometimes my artworks don't have any concept. I just presenting colours. And in our asia, most of women are behind men and I don't like that situation and I want them as same level as men.... that's why my artworks are based on feminism.

In a week, I made a solo show at Lokanat Gallery from 24th May to 26th May, 2010.
And I participate in A Women Art Exhibition (Our Arts ) at New Zero Art Space from 26th May to 30th May, 2010.