HEO Taewon

HEO Taewon


Graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA in Painting & Drawing, in 2006.
Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are

- "May I plant flowers here?", solo, Seoul City Hall, Seoul, 2017

- "New Drawing Project", group, Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, Yangju, 2017

- "10th SeMA Nanji residency Review", group, SeMA Storage, Seoul, 2017

- "Micro City Lab", group, Indie art hall Gong, Seoul, 2016

- "SeMA Collection Showcase", group, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, 2016

Other activities are

- 18th Young Artists of the Year Award, Daegu Art Center, Daegu, 2015

- SeMA Emerging Artist Support and Grant, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, 2013

- Emerging Artist Grant, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, 2011

He had solo shows including "Painting"(Gallery Factory, Seoul), "Geumcheon Communal Garden"(Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul), and participated in numerous group shows such as "Changwon Sculpture Biennale"(Changwon, 2014), "Project Daejeon 2012: Energy" Biennale(Daejeon, 2012), etc. He was resident artist at AIAV(Japan, 2014) and SeMA Nanji(Korea, 2016).

About works / performance

1.Taewon Heo_Untitled.jpg

Untitled, 2013, acrylic on cracks of gallery floor, variable size

2.Taewon Heo_Untitled (one of series).jpg

Untitled (one of series), 2016, inkjet print, variable size

3.Taewon Heo_Untitled.jpg

Untitled, 2014, inkjet print, variable size

4.Taewon Heo_May I plant flowers here.jpg

May I plant flowers here?, 2011-2017, site-specific flower planting, variable size

5.Taewon Heo_Garden of perfect circle.jpg

Garden of perfect circle, 2014-2016, Sungsimwon-specific garden making, variable size

6.Taewon Heo_Your pots.jpg

Your pots, 2016, inkjet print, variable size

7.Taewon Heo_Yeomnidong Blues.jpg

Yeomnidong Blues, 2017, blue pots from yeomnidong, blue paintings, blue photos, variable size