ITO Hisaya

ITO Hisaya


Born in 1987, Tokyo. M.A. in Inter-media Art at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2014. Recent exhibitions are "Perspective of an artist -the minutes of memory" (Fujisawa City Art Space, Kanagawa, 2016), "TOKYO STORY 2015" (TWS Hongo, 2015), "Constellations" (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2015), "Fujisawa past and present Machinaka Art Tour" (Kanagawa, 2010-2016).

About works / performance

space of community center
2016 Video



伊藤久也a family affair2.jpg

伊藤久也a family affair3.jpg

A Family Affair
2014  Video, stone, baby car



伊藤久也Do, re, mi, fa involving clothing.jpg

Do, re, mi, fa involving clothing
2014  Photo, video, object



伊藤久也something remember.jpg

something remember
2011- Photo, video, object