KYICC 2021 Committee

KYICC 2021 Committee

update: 2021.8.27

KYICC 2021 Committee
Sound & Music
OPEN SITE (2021.12 - 2021.12)
KYICC 2021 Committee

The KYICC 2021 Committee was formed in 2021 by members of Théâtre Musical Tokyo (TMT). The concept of an international contest commemorating the fictional personage Keiko Yoneda arose during TMT’s participation in OPEN SITE 2018-2019, where they performed "Keiko Yoneda (1912-1992): Her Works and Life."
Participating artists: HIGUCHI Teppei, INOUE Satoko, KONO Satoko, SAKAMOTO Kota, MASUDA Yoshiki, MIZOBUCHI Kanae, YAMANE Akiko, Lucie VÍTKOVÁ.

Recent activities (HIGUCHI Teppei):
"Kunitachi College of Music Graduate School, Doctoral Program Degree Examination Concert," Recital hall of Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, 2021
"Displacement: Teppei Higuchi’s DMA Recital," CalArts Wild Beast, California, 2020
"Rückspiegel 3.5: Keiko Yoneda," Kunsthalle, Darmstadt, Germany, 2018
"OPEN SITE 2018-2019 'Keiko YONEDA (1912-1992): Her Works and Life'," Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, 2018

Recent awards: 
Artist in Residency, Hallstatt, Austria, 2021
Acanthus Award, Graduate School of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2016
Third place of The 84th Music Competition of Japan, 2015