Beatrice LEANZA

Beatrice LEANZA


Beatrice Leanza (Italy), lives and works in Beijing, China.

Art writer and independent researcher, she held an MA in East Asian studies from Ca' Foscari University (Venice) in 2002, whereafter she joined the China Art Archives and Warehouse (CAAW) directed by artist Ai Weiwei, where she was curator and manager until early 2005. Consultant for both international projects and institutions (MoMA, ICP, Pro Helvetia, Royal College of Arts, etc) and private collections, Beatrice has written extensively about contemporary art in China and Asia for catalogues and publications, and is China correspondent for Flash Art International. She organized various independent exhibitions in China, as well as during Biennales of Beijing, Shanghai and the Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, while also being co-founder of

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