Graduated from Master of Fine Arts, Major: Sculpture (Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan) in 2015.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are
-OPEN SITE 2017-2018 "impurity/immunity" groupe, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, Tokyo, 2017
-Allnight HAPS #3 "approach0.1" groupe, Kyoto, HAPS, 2017
-"Kyoto City University of Arts Transmit Program 2017" groupe, @KCUA, Kyoto, 2017
-"New Rube Goldberg Machine" groupe, KAYOKOYUKI/KomagomeSoko, Tokyo, 2016
-"TSUSHIMA ART FANTASIA 2017" Tsushima, Nagasaki, 2016

Born 1990 in Hyogo, Japan. Master of Fine Arts, Major: Sculpture (Kyoto City University of Arts) in 2015.
I make performance works using gadgets that visualizes the mechanism, using motifs of various phenomena in the world such as slaughter, nuclear fission and government bonds.

About works / performance

approach 0.1_Eriko Mukai.png
approach 0.1, 2017, performance, cloth, wood, vinyl, expandable bead, hose, cable tie, saw, scissors, cutter, stepladder, others
Photo by Kai Maetani

approach 2.0 (oil)_Eriko Mukai.png
approach 2.0 (oil), 2016, performance, wood, cloth, vinyl, corrugated sheet, styrofoam, rope, ventilation duct, paper, pen, others
Photo by Hyogo Mugyuda

approach 5.0_Eriko Mukai.png
approach 5.0, 2016, performance, wood, cloth, vinyl tube, radio cassette recorder, thumbtack, paper, bell, nipper, acrylic pipe, sponge, vinyl tape, others

approach 6.0_Eriko Mukai.png
approach 6.0, 2017, performance, wood, vinyl, house plant, cloth, cotton, plastic cases, folding paper, button, dish, fallen leaves, tissue paper, other
Photo by Takeru Koroda, courtesy of Kyoto City University of Arts
approach 4.0_Eriko Mukai.png
approach 4.0, 2016, performance, looker, chair, cloth, polypropylene band, balioon made of aluminium, ribbon, plastic corruggated board, rope, vinyl hose, scissors, others
Photo by Tadasu Yamamoto

approach 8.0_Eriko Mukai.png
approach 8.0, 2017, performance
wood, cloth, vinyl, aluminium, velcro tape, punch carpe, cutter, other