Lucia MOMU (Momu and No Es)

Lucia MOMU (Momu and No Es)

update: 2011.5.1


Lucia Momu, born in 1982 in Basel, collaborates with Eva No Es. Currently they operate
between Madrid and Barcelona. They have shown their works in solo exhibitions at Espai
Moncada-Caixafòrum (2008). They have received such production grants as Barcelona's
city council's BCN Producció '09.

About works / performance

In our projects we recreate this framework in which the reality that we suggest is composed of significant objects and characters with intrinsic and stable qualities. The pieces and manifestos of the work are converted into precious objects that coexist in parallel realities as eternal banners of meaning. The presentation or the visualization of our work is generally linked to the creation of a space in which this framework is real, transforming the exhibition space into situations that propose to the audience an immersion into the narration of what could have happened.






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