Somehow naturally group together in 2006. Up till now five group exhibition is held, publishes ten books in relatively relaxed pace. Sometimes we feel that our name is decided easily, but we are satisfied to have name of a woman who is outstandingly beautiful among everyone appears in TV when we are teenagers.

About works / performance

Daisuke Fukunaga ≪一般人芸術家による庭≫2005, oil paints on canvas 194x194cm

COBRA ≪[ribbon]≫2008, acrylic 70x50cm

Aya Ohki ≪ボウシと女≫2008, animation 4min

Masaya Chiba ≪犬の絵≫2008, oil paints on blanket 141x211cm

Soshiro Matsubara ≪no title≫2008, watercolor on paper 130x92cm

Saeka Enokura ≪鳥1≫2008, oil on canvas 72x60cm

Shuji Yamamoto ≪松其ノ四十六≫2008, Panel, FRP, oil paints 80x140x4.5cm

Yosuke Bandai ≪カラーネガ≫2008, lambda print 148x125cm