Born in 1983 in Człuchów in Poland. Lives and works in London since 2017. Graduated with a MA in Media from UCL Slade School of Fine Art in 2018.

Recent exhibitions and activities:
2022 "sleeper," Tick Tack, Antwerp
2018 "spill," CCA Ujazdowski, Warsaw
2018 "the third pier," Baltic Gallery, Ustka, Poland
2017 "choke," L’etranger, London

Recent Awards:
2020 "Stuart Croft Foundation Award," London
2017 "Ivan Juritz Prize," London
2017 "Grand Prix at The Biennale of Young Art," Ustka, Poland

About works / performance

Stefański works primarily with multi-screen video installations, film and photography. His practice is located at the nexus of choreography, psychology and film. Revolving around the physical ephemerality of gesture and repetition his work unfolds visual narratives exploring identity and the politics of embodiment. The themes he investigates include memory, history and trauma, choreographies of vio­lence and care, mental health, toxic proveniences of patriarchal masculinity and its possible alternatives. His process often originates from introspection and conversations with participants of his projects.

restraint 2016, three-channel installation, 0’16”, 0’17”, 0’16”, HD
Director of Photograghy: Tomasz Ziółkowski

blow out 2016, six-channel installation, 0’22”, 0’10”, 0’11”, 0’16”, 0’17”, 0’30”, HD, color, sound, aspect ratio 16:9, looped

choke 2017, video, 7’15”, HD, color, no sound, looped
Director of Photograghy: Mikołaj Syguda, Participants: Mateusz Korcz, Andrzej

spill 2018, three-channel installation, 12’34”, HD, black and white, no sound, aspect ratio 16:9