Nestor SIRÉ

Nestor SIRÉ


Born in 1988 in Cuba. Lives and works in Havana, Cuba.
His works have been shown in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Havana), Queens Museum, Rhizome, New Museum (New York), "Ars Electronica"(Linz), Hong-Gah Museum (Taipei), "Transmediale"(Berlin), The Photographers’ Gallery (London), among other places. He has participated in events such as "the Havana Biennial," "Gwangju Biennial," "Curitiba Biennial," "Warsaw Biennial," and "the Biennial of Asuncion." 

Recent exhibitions
2023 "The Wrong Biennale," Unarchive Pavilion, Graz, Austria
2023 "Made in Taiwan | 台灣製造," Chinese American Museum of Chicago
2023 "MEMORIA," Aksioma- Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2023 "Out of Scale," the citywide exhibition of "Transmediale," Akademie der Künste, Berlin
2022 "II Biennial of Warsaw"

2023 "Ignite Fund Grant," 3Arts and Andy Warhol Foundation, Chicago
2022 "CrossCulture Programme," IFA, Germany
2018 "Media Arts Assistance Fund Grant," New York Council on the Arts

About works

Siré is interested in informal methods of the distribution of information and goods, forms of social creativity in the face of scarcity, and the communities and human infrastructures that shape such practices. His projects are related to alternative networks, informal economies, and power structures. He pays particular attention to the alternative strategies that have emerged in the digital culture of his native Cuba, which are a response to the disconnection of his country from the global networks that control the Internet today. As a result of these processes, he often works in transdisciplinary collaborations that take the form of multimedia exhibitions which include interactive installations, diagrams, development of specific hardware and software, sculptures, videos, interventions or public actions and objects.

Made in Taiwan | 台灣製造 2023, artificially designed porcelain sculptures
In collaboration with Cathy Hsiao
As part of "the Spotlight Series" in the Chinese American Museum of Chicago [2023]

A-Series 2023, A4 anodized aluminum plates, 3D models printed on recycled plastic, and porcelain chips with AI-generated designs
In collaboration with Cathy Hsiao
As part of "the Spotlight Series" in the Chinese American Museum of Chicago [2023]

MEMORIA 2023, Expanded Cinema Installation with 4 video channels, a central server, custom hardware and software
In collaboration with Steffen Köhn
Co-produced by Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art [2023].

Fragile Connections 2022, interactive installation consisting of three synchronized videos, an offline web server, a wall graphics, stickers, and DIY WIFI antennas
In collaboration with Steffen Köhn
Commissioned by "the Warsaw Biennial"[2022].

CubaCreativa [GUARAPERA] 2022, multimedia installation (videos, graphic design, technical plans, drawings and 3D printed prototypes)
As part of the CubaCreativa project [2014-]
Installation view of "Site de Rencontre avec l'art," Musée d'art de Rouyn-Noranda, Québec