Torgrim Wahl SUND

Torgrim Wahl SUND

update: 2012.12.1


Born in 15.09.76. Graduated from Bergen National Academy of Arts in 2010.
Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are

Solo Exhibitions
I Thought We Were the Same Person, NOoSphere Arts, New York USA -12
(with Nedregaard & Hillary)
Cosmos & I, Galleri Apotheket/Hadsel Kunstforening
 (with Tom  Kosmo/Marius A. Johansen) Stokmarknes - 10
Random Walk, Visningsrommet Usf, Bergen - 08
Group Exhibitions
The Mosquito and The Ruler, Bergen Kunsthall - 10
Salon Alvøen, Prosjekt Alvøen/Kunst I Badet, Bergen - 09

- The Norwegian Artist Association, Vederlagsfondet (grant) 2012
- The Norwegian Printmakers Association grant, 2010
- Bergen Municipality, international funds, 2009/2012
- Bergen National Academy of Art and Design, exhibition scholarship 2008.

About works / performance

For some time now, I have been working on projects exploring the meeting point between simplicity and complexity. I work conceptually, with ideas as a starting point- choosing a medium which suits the ideas as well as my process and intensions. My methods might very well be simple or low- tech, but the result on the other hand ending up complex or mysterious.
I have an specific interest in notions of existentialism and what it means to be alive. From intriguing elements of chance and synchronicity involved in life`s journey to it`s often absurdity and randomness of it`s course.


"Sutra"  digital print 150 cm x 225 cm, 2011.


"Random Walk"  installation shot. 10 robots, markers. 2008.


"Random Walk"  installation shot. 10 robots, markers. 2008


"Time is against me now"  Photogravyre. 95 cm x 70 cm. 2012.


 "Lys som omdreiningspunkt"  Silkscreen print on aliminium. 2008.