TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL - Sound, Art & Performance- Vol.10


TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL - Sound, Art & Performance- Vol.10



TitleTOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL - Sound, Art & Performance- Vol.10
Date2015.11.21(Sat) - 2016.2.7(Sun)
AdmissionTEF Performance: Depends on each program / TEF Sound Installation: Free
OrganizeTokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
VenueTWS Hongo, Ryogoku Monten Hall

TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL (TEF) is a festival which introduces experimental performances and exhibitions focusing on music and sound, and it marks its 10th volume this year. Over a period of about three months, festival offers a unique agenda full of TEF style performances and sound installations by energetic artists from home and abroad. As a stage of experimentation which freely crosses genres and borders, this festival tries to expand sound/ musical expression. Please come and experience any of these experiments, and we hope you would discover something new.

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TEF Performance


Period: Nov. 27, 2015 - Feb. 6, 2016.
Venue: TWS Hongo, Ryogoku Monten Hall
15 projects/ 24 performances
Admission: Depends on each program (Booking required)
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TEF Sound Installation


Period: First term| Nov. 21 - Dec. 20, 2015
Second term| Jan. 9 - Feb. 7, 2016
Venue: TWS Hongo
Four projects (Two for each term)
Admission: Free
Closed on Mondays (except Jan.11) and Jan. 12.

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