MUTEK.JP|VR Salon: Immersive Realities


MUTEK.JP|VR Salon: Immersive Realities

OPEN SITE 2018-2019 Open Call Program【Exhibition】


TitleOPEN SITE 2018-2019 Open Call Program【Exhibition】
MUTEK.JP|VR Salon: Immersive Realities
Date2019.1.12(Sat) - 2019.2.11(Mon)
ClosedMondays (Except 1/14, 2/11), 1/15
Time11:00 - 19:00
OrganizeTokyo Arts and Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
SubsidizeInstitut français du Japon
CooperationPhi Centre (Montréal)
VenueTokyo Arts and Space Hongo
ArtistUMEDA Hiroaki (Japan)
YAMAMOTO Synichi, SEGA Seiichi, Intercity-Express (Japan)
Felix & Paul (Canada)
Flight School (US)
Marshmallow Laser Feast (UK)
Theodore USHEV (Canada/France)
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Artists have always been at the forefront of using technological advancements to find new ways to express themselves and question the prevalent aesthetics of their times. Virtual and Augmented Reality are among the latest technological advancements and instantly drew attention from artists, creators, and innovators. Through the medium of Virtual Reality, these pioneers are fully captivating and engaging their audiences within these immersive realities that question where we come, where we are, where we are going, not only as artists but as mankind. The VR Salon: Immersive Realities exhibition explores the idea of these new immersive media as a tool for a new form of artistic expression.

*Please note VR Salon is temporarily closed for maintenance between 14:30-15:30.



デジタル・アートの促進を担う非営利団体。美術、音楽、科学、テクノロジーが交差する創造を探求する革新者とクリエーターのためにプラットフォームを提供する。主な活動に「MUTEK Japan 2017」(日本科学未来館、東京)のほか、モントリオール、メキシコシティ、バルセロナ、ブエノスアイレス、ドバイ、サンフランシスコ等でフェスティバルを実施している。

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Talk event
TitleMUTEK.JP|VR Salon: Immersive Realities OPEN SITE 2018-2019 Open Call Program
Talk event
Date1/26(Sat) 16:00-
SpeakersYAMAMOTO Synichi (Media artist), SEGA Seiichi (Digital artist), Intercity-Express OHNO Tetsuji (Musician)
ModeratorKOBAYASHI Keiko (Japan Arts Council Program Officer)

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