TOKAS-Emerging 2020


TOKAS-Emerging 2020

Implemented since the establishment of Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) in 2001 in accordance with the institution’s aim to support young artists, "TOKAS-Emerging" is a public program that has been targeting Japanese resident creators aged 35 or younger, and offering selected artists opportunities to exhibit their works. For this exhibition, six artist/groups were chosen through examinations of submitted portfolios and interviews, from a total of 108 applications from across Japan. Held in two separate periods between April and June 2020 are exhibitions of works by up-and-coming artists, covering a wide range of formats such as flat and three-dimensional artworks, video art, installations, etc. On the respective opening days, the exhibiting artists will also appear in talk sessions together with members of the screening committee.


TitleTOKAS-Emerging 2020
DatePart 1: 2020.4.4 (Sat)- 5.6 (Wed)
Part 2: 2020.5.16 (Sat) - 6.14 (Sun)
Time 11:00-19:00 
Closed4/6, 13, 20, 27, 5/18, 25, 6/1, 8
Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo 
ArtistsPart 1: MIYAKAWA Tomohiro, GengoRaw (Tomoya Ishibashi + Kento Niikura), MIZUKAMI Emi
Part 2: HANAWA Ryota, YOSHIDA Shiho, IWAMOTO Mayu 
OrganizerTokyo Arts and Space (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Part 1: 2020.4.4 (Sat) - 5.6 (Wed)

"Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack!!"
Adopting the idea that “all sorts of artistic expression are inseparably linked to politics, and connected to various adjoining realities” as his credo, Miyakawa continues to reconsider the various hidden political issues that he comes across in all kinds of everyday life situations, and express his thoughts by way of installations juxtaposing multiple media. The title for this exhibition was borrowed from a technique that is mentioned in the manga Dragon Ball (by Toriyama Akira), to suggest the possibility that the same subject may give different impressions depending on the historical background.

(Tomoya Ishibashi + Kento Niikura)
"Machine of Words"
Tomoya Ishibashi, an artist whose work has been revolving around aspects of life and language, collaborates in this art project with natural language processing engineer Kento Niikura, on “experimental/creative work related to the logic and imagination behind languages, from the viewpoint of machines.” In this exhibition they present a number of works inspired by machine learning, a technology that has significantly developed in recent years.

"paintings of stranger"

Collecting myths, tales, anecdotes and motifs from the vast pool of creation that has accumulated in different regions and times throughout history, and recomposing those in her works, Mizukami has been exploring how great the differences between humans in the past, present and future can/may be. While tracing the history of physical expression by reconstructing Bruce Nauman’s early video works, product photographs for fashion brands, and artworks of the past, the artist exhibits works dealing with the unpackaged physical labor of strangers, and various other paradoxical feelings of discomfort within everyday life.

Part 2: 2020.5.16 (Sat) - 6.14 (Sun)

"Inventive equivalence"
Hanawa expresses in his works the nonsensical kind of humor and emptiness sensed through the “active reception” of works combining multiple objects with properties as different as paintings and speakers, or water servers and speakers, and thereby stimulates the viewer’s misunderstanding of things. On display in this exhibition are paintings in which the artist attempts to generate electricity via solar panels, and works that incorporate errors and noise resulting from repeated scanning and printing.


"plan of blank"
After conducting preliminary research on her filming locations by way of maps, aerial photographs and other images found on the Internet, and thereby determining her subjects, Yoshida visits the respective places in order to shoot her works. The actual photographs and those collected from the Internet she then combines in repeated processes both digital and analogue, into installations of entirely new landscape photographs as they can be created in this day and age. 

"Untitled Scenes"

Iwamoto’s painting activities revolve around “shapes” and occurrences in everyday life that tend to be overlooked. Focusing on uncompleted buildings, abandoned houses, and other places that no longer or not yet serve a purpose, she uses large canvases or rolls of paper for her reconstructions of new, uncertain sceneries, which she ultimately combines into installation works.  

Related Event

TOKAS-Emerging 2020 Opening Talk [Part 1]
Date2020/4/4 (Sat) 16:30-18:00
GuestMASUDA Tomohiro (Curator, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
ArtistsMIYAKAWA Tomohiro, GengoRaw (Tomoya Ishibashi + Kento Niikura), MIZUKAMI Emi
TOKAS-Emerging 2020 Opening Talk [Part 2]
Date2020/5/16 (Sat) 16:30-18:00
GuestSANBONMATSU Tomoyo (Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama) *Tentative
ArtistsHANAWA Ryota, YOSHIDA Shiho, IWAMOTO Mayu

Participated Creator

GengoRaw (Tomoya Ishibashi + Kento Niikura)