OIWA Euske "Vacances"


OIWA Euske "Vacances"

OPEN SITE 5 | Open Call Program【Exhibition】

Breaking the Relation, 2020 Photo: Okujoh

Breaking the Relation, 2020 Photo: Okujoh  

Slow Actor, 2019 Photo: NOGUCHI Yo

The installation presented takes the form of a manzai (Japanese two-person comedy) skit. The setting is one cabin of a ship at sea. One person talks about how somewhere beyond the wall there is not a bugging device but a “blabbering device” that will not stop talking, and he can’t sleep at night... eventually the two of them begin searching for it together. The voice coming from some unknown source represents the (often compulsive) drive to organize our lives and the world into some fictional framework. The intimate relationship between statement and installation is manifested in one form of politics = aesthetics.

2020/11/21 (Sat) - 2020/12/20 (Sun)
VenueTokyo Arts and Space Hongo: Space B (2F)
ArtistOIWA Euske

Manzai: KIYOSU Yonesuku, YANO Masayuki, Recording: oku-joh, Location: BUoY, Rehearsal location: WALLA, oku-joh, Music: MASUDA Yoshiki, Furniture: COMOTO Natsumi
Installation View

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Artist Talk
Date2020/12/13 (Sun) 17:00 - 19:00 *Booking required.
ParticipantsFUSE Rintaro, OIWA Euske
ModeratorFUKUO Takumi
Project plannerKiritori Mederu
VenueTOKAS Hongo Space C (3F)
Online streaminghttps://youtu.be/7FYbZoXcXag
Online streaming will begin at 16:55, 12/13 (Sat). 

Fully booked, thank you!


OIWA Euske
Born in 1993. Lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated with an MA from Tokyo University of the Arts. Oiwa’s work deals with issues of fiction and rhetoric. His recently exhibited Breaking the Relation (2020) is an installation featuring a multidimensional narrative told by multiple “narrators.” His critical writings have appeared in Bijutsutecho, Eureka, Waseda Bungaku and elsewhere.

Participating Creator

OIWA Euske