Back and Forth Collective "Feminists in Collective Practice"


Back and Forth Collective "Feminists in Collective Practice"

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Screening event at "Quiet Dialogue: Invisible Existences and Us"

Collective Filmmaking
Speculative Fiction: Practicing Collectively
©Fionn Duffy 2020

Syphilis Talking, 2019, Performance, Jakarta

Building on the collective potential of collaboration among members located in different regions of the world, this project presents the diverse approaches of the artists to gender issues and feminism based on their respective viewpoints. By screening films about and exchanging opinions on the feminist movement in Japan, gender and migrants, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, the collective explores means of expressing the complexity and diversity of individuals and societies and considers the possibilities of various forms of solidarity through collective filmmaking.

2020/12/17 (Thu) - 2020/12/19 (Sat)

(1) 12/19 (Sat) 17:00 – 19:00
"Collective Filmmaking: Speculative Fiction: Practicing Collectively"
A collaboration between Back and Forth Collective and Scotland based artists Jen Clarke and Fionn Duffy, supported by curator Rachel Grant. Music by Sarah McWhinney. 

(2)12/20 (Sun) 14:00 – 15:00
*This event is for women only, including cis women trans women and intersex women.

(3)12/20 (Sun)17:00 – 19:00
"Intersection of Perspectives -Women's Migration-"
Free | Booking required for the events 
CapacityEvents: 20(Online viewing will be available. *Booking required)
Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo Space C (3F)
ArtistsTAKI Asako, HOMMA Mei, SAKAMOTO Natsumi

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Back and Forth Collective, active since 2017, consists of Sakamoto Natsumi, Taki Asako, and Homma Mei, who are based in Scotland, Japan, and Indonesia respectively. Their recent projects include exhibitions, events and collaborative research focusing on gender issues and feminism.

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