TOKAS-Emerging 2024


TOKAS-Emerging 2024

“TOKAS-Emerging” is a program that Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) launched in 2001 with the aim to support young artists. Targeting Japanese resident artists aged 35 or younger, the program offers selected artists opportunities to exhibit their works. For “TOKAS-Emerging 2024,” six artists were selected through screenings from a total of 142 applications from across Japan. Held in two separate periods between April and June 2024, these exhibitions of works by up-and-coming artists cover a wide range of formats, including paintings, photographs, prints, as well as video art works, installations, etc. On the respective opening days, the exhibiting artists will also appear in talk sessions together with jury members.


TitleTOKAS-Emerging 2024
DatePart 1: 2024/4/6 (Sat) - 2024/5/5 (Sun)
Part 2: 2024/5/18 (Sat) - 2024/6/16 (Sun) 
Mondays (except 4/29), 4/30, 5/6-5/17
VenueTokyo Arts and Space Hongo
Part 1: TAKAMI Chisa, NAKAMURA Naoto, OKUNO Chiho
Part 2: HIRAMATSU Kanako, KIKUYA Satoshi, TODA Sayaka
OrganizerTokyo Arts and Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

Part 1: 2024/4/6 (Sat) - 5/5 (Sun)  

“℃|The ring of 23 degrees” 

Takami’s work revolves around situations that cannot be understood reduced to one single meaning, along with the danger, fragileness, instability and distance that emerges there.
Her exhibition here consists of four works including videos and performances, themed on “ambiguity,” “voids” and the “presence of mediating objects.” Performers dressed in the two colors green and purple representing things that are subject to transformation, appear in works that aim to express emotions and feelings as they exist before being formulated in words.

■Performances will be held on Saturdays and Sundays. (Admission free/ No booking required)

4/6 (Sat)*, 4/7 (Sun), 4/13 (Sat), 4/14 (Sun), 4/20 (Sat), 4/21 (Sun), 4/27 (Sat), 4/28 (Sun), 5/4 (Sat), 5/5 (Sun)

*Please note that the performance will not be conducted sometime on 4/6 (Sat) due to the talk event held in the exhibition space.
13:00-15:00, 16:00-18:50
PerformersANDRES Madrueno, IMAI Ako, ITO Yuki, IWASHITA Taisei, MIWA Natsumi, OBATA Sakura, OKADA Kao, SAKAI Fu, SANO Twako, SHIBATA Sakurako, SUZUKI Shirabe, TAKAHASHI Haruka, TAKAHASHI Rin, TOYODA Eureka, YAMADA Hibiki, YANG Chen, ZHANG Junkai

“Fernweh Trupp”

Nakamura’s recent work starts with writing novels set in an apartment complex, the stories of which he then installs in real, physical spaces.
Unveiled at this exhibition is an installation combining imagery, sound and furniture, built around parts of apartment houses and rooms. Driven by a sort of wanderlust regardless of the threat of death they face, the “Fernweh Trupp” characters that appear in the work are in touch with today’s reality in which personal involvement with others is decreasing. The act of viewing the work evokes an illusional world in which public and private domains mix, and in which the viewer him or herself is part of the story.

“Training for my new body: I want to see my back.”

Generally using “deformation of motifs” and “translation” as keywords, Okuno applies the manga format and various other media to her depictions of the world as seen by people and other creatures whose bodies are different from the artist’s own. This harks back to her time at junior high school, when she was diagnosed with Scoliosis, and began to feel her body’s own deformation.
In this exhibition, she presents videos and three-dimensional works, around a centerpiece of copperplate engravings depicting the world as seen by rabbits with their nearly 360-degree field of vision. The work is a reflection on the differentness of bodies, based on the idea of the human body as a “removable shell.”

Part 2: 2024/5/18 (Sat) - 6/16 (Sun)  

“heap up sand”

Motifs in Hiramatsu’s work are sand hills around ants’ nests, pools of water, fountains, and other things that frequently appear yet look different each time, which the artist depicts while connecting singular acts of drawing, in pursuit of a style of painting that also incorporates aspects of spatial configuration.
In this exhibition, she identifies the work of ants carrying sand out from their expansive underground nest, with the act of painting pictures or lining them up, and attempts to create a viewing environment that involves multiple perspectives that one doesn’t experience when looking at pictures from the front only.


KIKUYA Satoshi 
“Dogs and FPS”

Based on an expanded definition of “drawing” from “painting something with a brush” to “pointing a camera at a subject,” Kikuya creates paintings and video works side by side.
In this exhibition, he shows drawing animations themed on “a certain dog” that is the subject of his current research. The perspective is that of a character that follows a dog, and eventually gets lost in a back alley where more dogs appear, resulting in a number of different dog images that are joined together into a story about dogs.

TODA Sayaka
“Echoes of the Unspoken: The Silent Voices of the Vanishing”

Toda considers beauty and ugliness to be two sides of the same coin, and this view of beautiful and ugly she mainly expresses through the concrete shapes of women and animals in paintings and photographs.
In this exhibition, the artist presents videos and photos of things that have never been exposed in public, themed around figurines that were left behind in the atelier of a deceased artist who had spent all his life making terracotta figures of nude women. Now that the age of worshipping the naked female body as a symbol of beauty has come to an end, the artist lends her ear to the voiceless voices of women whose bodies exist liberated from such views.

Related Event

Part 1: Artist Talk
Date2024/4/6 (Sat) 16:30-18:00
ArtistsTAKAMI Chisa, NAKAMURA Naoto, OKUNO Chiho
GuestMORI Keisuke (Curator, Chiba City Museum of Art)
VenueTokyo Arts and Space Hongo
Part 2: Artist Talk
Date2024/5/18 (Sat) 16:30-18:00
ArtistsHIRAMATSU Kanako, KIKUYA Satoshi, TODA Sayaka
GuestSOEDA Kazuho (Curator, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art)
VenueTokyo Arts and Space Hongo

Participating Creator

TODA Sayaka
KIKUYA Satoshi