Azusa Kuno

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program
(Japanese Creators sent abroad)

Azusa Kuno

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Japanese Creators sent abroad)
Activity BasedGermany
Period2014.7 - 2014.10
Purpose of the residency

I'm joining this program to progress my work in progress project „Spaces of Hair" to next step. I started this project in January 2010 in Berlin, I collect human hair cut at local hairdressers (so far in Berlin and Graz, though I'm working to make this list of cities longer), spin the hair into yarn, then knit into big spaces made by anonymous human hair. During stay in Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, I want to construct all parts of this installation together, try some new positions (arrangement) with new parts, and show to people in Berlin this installation and my working process.

Plan during the residency

Until first week fo September I'll work in the Bethanien-atelier to put all parts of "Spaces of Hair" together and make new parts for it. From second week of September I'll open atelier for three days a week (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) from 1 to 6 PM (except 20th September) for presentation & performance (I'll show my working prosess as performance, spinning, kniting hair etc) till end of September. On 12th September I'll invite Mr.Rodorigo Vidaurre to the presentation space, he will give a public recture with thema "About Concept of the Others, for example by Emmanuel Lévinas".

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