KIM Jihee

Residency Program

International Creator Residency Program

KIM Jihee

Participating Project    International Creator Residency Program
Activity Based  Korea
City Tokyo
Period 2020.1 - 2020.3
Purpose of the residency

My work plan for TOKAS is to produce body-based paintings and Book Drawings in parallel. My project will be divided into two factors: my studio will be walled with roll paper, a form inspired by the process of unraveling my image-bodies and filled with inspirations from Tokyo and Book Drawings.
In order to conduct the project described above, I will require “Book donations” from local people near TOKAS will also be essential in order to let me begin my book drawing project. I will publicize my requests for book donations via social media before beginning my residency, with the help of TOKAS staff.  

Plan during the residency

1. Exploring the physical qualities in great detail of donated books in Tokyo.
2. Exploring Japan's beautiful printing art in depth. eg) Visiting local printing houses and print workshops. (producing silk screen works and lithographs)
3. Having the drawing workshops with Tokyo citizen.
4. Cultivating my body-based paintings.

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