Annie Jael KWAN

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2020.2.4

Annie Jael KWAN

Participating Project  Research Residency Program
Activity BasedSingapore/UK
City Tokyo
Period 2020.1- 2020.3
Purpose of the residency

My residency with TOKAS will provide me with the opportunity to research and think through more deeply the questions I have regarding reconfiguring a notion of 'future feminism'. I am keen to explore how artists in Japan have encountered and responded to 'feminism', both as a Euroamerican construct as well as a locally contextualised adaptation - are feminist ideas and values relevant in the Asian context?

Plan during the residency

・meet and interview key artists and collectives
・explore alternative artistic and exhibition archives via the artists and collectives
・survey in major art museums and institutions how gender and feminism is portrayed and discussed in contemporary art exhibitions and events
・develop a deeper understanding of the socio-historical specificities in the development of modern and contemporary Japanese art, that form the context of this research 

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