Isabella TAM

Residency Program

Curator Residency Program

update: 2023.10.17

Isabella TAM

Participating ProjectCurator Residency Program
Activity BasedHong Kong
City / Place stayedTokyo
Period2023.5 - 2023.7
Purpose of the residency

While recent resources are poured into the research of Japanese art from the postwar to 1970s, efforts on the bubble economy in the 1980s and the following decade are yet to be materialised. During the residency, I attempt to trace back the history of this period, which notably witnessed the rise of Asia, along with the subculture and popular culture to play a role on redefining identity, including the identity of female artists.

Plan during the residency
  • To carry out exhibition history research and interviews with artists, curators and scholars.
  • To carry out studio visits of artists and photographers.
Activities during the residency

In this residency, I researched Japanese art scenes in the late 1980s into 2000s with special attention on the practice of female artists to reorient their practice in a broader art historical context beyond existing framework of feminism. I carried out extensive studio visits (over 15 female artists) from the established, mid-career to the emerging artists in order to understand their artistic interests. To name a few it includes, Kasahara Emiko, Matsui Chie, Tajima Etsuko, Nagashima Yurie, Ishikawa Yukie, Kazama Sachiko, Shiga Lieko, Momose Aya, Kanazawa Sumi. Although the notion of gender continues as a core subject in many of their works, my research reveals their practice can also be positioned in a wider context of global culture, cultural identity, and ecology, contemporary issues that are ever more urgent in Japan than ever.

Shiga Lieko studio visit

Outcome of the residency

The residency helps to inform my future curatorial projects in the museum, this includes exhibition and acquisition, to highlight Japanese female artists in M+ but also their representation on the global platform.

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