Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (International creators from abroad)

update: 2023.11.21


Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Creators from abroad)
Activity BasedHelsinki, New York
City / Place stayedTokyo
Period2023.9 - 2023.11
Purpose of the residency

While Marko Vuorinen's work is profoundly personal and requires considerable time and effort for each project, his philosophy is that the combined impact of his body of work carries more weight than its individual parts. He looks forward to expanding his series of films by making a documentary portrait featuring a person living in Tokyo and sharing their life story. Tokyo, being one of the world's true metropolises with a rich history and vibrant contemporary offerings, provides the perfect setting for this project.

Plan during the residency
  • filming a feature-length documentary film that will focus on the life story of a young individual who identifies as nonbinary and presents as female
  • planning to engage in documentary photography projects during his stay, with a specific emphasis on themes revolving around social justice, gender, and sexuality

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