Moritz NEUMÜLLER (ArteConTacto)

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2024.1.30

Moritz NEUMÜLLER (ArteConTacto)

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedLinz, Austria / Barcelona
City / Place stayedTokyo
Period2024.2 - 2024.3
Purpose of the residency

I will conduct ArteConTacto Project in Japan, which is a project that involves artistic practice, inclusion, and multisensorial experiences. The project is driven by workshops and participatory art experiences, with people who have special needs, and special questions towards art. Their differences and difficulties associated with perception, memory, cognition and communication enable them to look for other things in the artistic experience, and practice than “normal” people. The results of the artistic practice also helps us to adapt exhibitions and museums, to make art experiences more accessible to all.

Plan during the residency
  • The residency will consist of workshops for blind and seeing photographers, and the production of "Tactile Photographs". The methodology is based on more than 10 years of research and practice, in close collaboration with technological companies, universities and blind persons, to establish a dialogue between the hand and the eye. The outcomes of these workshops are artworks, prototypes, artistic research questions, group experiences and sometimes even durable solutions for accessibility problems.
  • To research the cultural differences between Europe and Japan, and it is precisely this dialogue in the non-visual field that shall serve as a major outcome of this project. It is a collaborative and participative research in the field of visual art, especially photography, through tactile representation.

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