Graduated from M.A Independent Film UAL in 2000 and M.A Fine Art (RCA, London) in 1991.
Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are
- "Virtu", Group, Hunt Museum, Limerick, Eire (city), 2017
- "Panoptic", Group, Chongquin Creative Festival, ADC Art Square, Chongquing, China,(city), 2016
- "Parallax 2", Group, Chelsea College of Art, London, UK , 2016
- "Parallax" ,Group . New Space, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, 2015
- "Suppose an Eye", Group, Vane Gallery, Newcastle, UK. 2013

Other activities are
- Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art (to date)

- MEAD Phd Scholarship 2016 British School at Rome

- Convener of Chelsea Film Forum (UAL), Commissioning editor of Art in Sight -Filmwaves magazine 2003/08

My practice is situated within the context of moving image. Critical focus is posited towards an examination of the research processes and strategies used within the field of artist's film and video practices and histories. Recent projects, texts and presentations have negotiated 'how' and 'where' research manifest as an activity, event and material within and alongside filmic works.

About works / performance

Gill Addison_Talked.jpg

Talked About Pink, Still, 2011/2017, 35:00mins, © Gill Addison/Pool Productions

2.Gill Addison_Work Out.jpg

Work-Out, Installation view, 2016, Video, Printed material, © Gill Addison

3.Gill Addison_Pavilion.jpg

Pavillion, Still, 2015, 15:00mins, © Gill Addison

4.Gill Addison_Win.jpg

Win or The Cynical Function of Ideology, Installation view, 2015, Video, Monitor 05:00 mins, © Gill Addison

5.Gill Addison_White.jpg

White Maelstrom White, Still, 2014, Video, 25:00mins, © Gill Addison/Pool Productions

6.Gill Addison_work out stills.jpg

Work Out, Still selection, 2016, © Gill Addison