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Agua is the curator of City Yeast, and founder of AGUA Design. Her projects primarily involve urban dialogue of an open society by lovely interaction. Through experimenting with citizens, and with local lifestyles and understanding needs, more accurate goals and direction can be given to the investment of resources. In addition, the citizens conscious and fermentation created various creative urban regeneration proposals. By experimenting and participating, people gain a greater understanding of their responsibility and position.

2017 Wanhua 1709 Project Host
2017 Action for Education Project Host
2015-2017 Parent-child Market Project Host
2015-2017 Taipei Urban Landscape Planning Project
2017 Taipei City Hall Visual Consultant
2017 Nuit Blanche Taipei Art Project
2017 Taiwan Public Toilet Plan Host
2016 Shenzhen Design Week Exhibition
2016 Taipei (Park) Re-create Project
2016 International Design Exhibition curator of "Taipei Issuuuue" Curator
2015 Shilin Light Festival Project Host
2015 Daily in White Show Curator
2015 3 x 3 Make a Street Exhibition Curator
2014 Cherished Package Exhibition Curator
2013-2014 Meet Taipei Design Project Host
2013-2016 Taipei Signboard Specification Project Host
2013 Taipei Street Cleaner's Equipment Renovation Project Host
2012 Taipei City Hall Design Thinking Course Host
2011 The Tour of 100-year-old Dadao Cheng Taipei
2011 Taipei City Color Project Host
2011 Living Tomorrow Forum Host
2009-2013 Art in Residence at Treasure Hill Village in Taipei
2013-2016 Taipei World Design Capital Consultant
2009 Yellow Chair Blossom Exhibition Curator
2008 Balcony Exhibition Curator
2007 City Yeast - Taiwan Design Week Exhibition Curator

Shih Chien University Assistant Professor (2015)
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Assistant Professor (2012)

City Yeast Book 1-3, kill time workbook


About works / performance

1_walking balloon by City Yeast.jpg

Creates anemone-like scene with 1000 cylinder balloons in Taipei
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images © city yeast

2_ambition park by City Yeast.jpg

Upcycle urban waste into temporary playground in Taipei
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images © city yeast

3_part of re-create Taipei park by City Yeast.jpg

Upcycle urban waste into temporary playground in Taipei
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images © city yeast

4_action for education by City Yeast.jpg

Cross-cultural design thinking education project for basic education - Action for Education in Yilan (Taiwan)
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images © city yeast

5_parent child market by City Yeast.jpg

Parent-child Market. A project that aims to revive 82 year-old traditional markets and introduce the fun of the marketplace to children in Wanhua (Taipei)
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images © city yeast

6_petit signboard manufacture by City Yeast.jpg

Upgrade the visual appearance of city streets by transform the big signboard to petit in Taiwan. And making the signboard design specifications with citizen.
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images © city yeast