Gabriella DISLER

Gabriella DISLER

Born in 1963. Recent main activities are group exhibitions "ORTE" (Neues Kunstforum Köln, Cologne, Germany, 2012), "lösche ich probeweise einmal das elektrische Licht" (do I switch of the electric light once)(Sihlquai55, Zürich, Switzerland, 2012), "supports & grounds - think about visual art" (Kobo Chika Gallery, Tokyo, 2011), "Zeichnung" (Chelsea Gallery, Laufen, Switzerland, 2010), a personal exhibition is scheduled (Kobo Chika Gallery, Tokyo, 2012), "ephemerally movement in the mundane" (Kobo Chika Gallery, Tokyo, 2009). As Studio Fellowship (Studio Grants) she stayed in Artist in Residence at Center of Contemporary Art in NAIRS (Engadina, Switzerland, 2010) and she got fundings from Departement of Culture City of Basel (Switzerland, 2011, 2012) and Departement of Culture City of Basel & Zug (Switzerland、2009)
About works / performance
My vision is shaped by perception that opens to what normally is overlooked. I question and explore spaces, bodies, objects, landscape and memories. It is the seemingly insignificance of everyday life. This is the marginal zones that are withdrawn from ephemeral perception and which I define as common by picturing them. My work always focuses on temporality by defined moments of volatility and movement. My strategies lead me to create works, which follow the structures of rooms as well as pursuing the coherence of the chosen images and to refer to its content. It is about to discover what lies behind and between. I do not only combine different places but also different periods. In this way I establish references between the exhibits and the room, which didn't exist previously.


transitional fields
2012,13 Photos: fine art print, 200x300mm / 300x200mm, 4pieces of Glass: 200x300cm/ 300x400mm, 27Woodenlegdes; size 630 / 107 & 140mm
(site specific installation 5,2 x 16,5 m), at Neues Kunstforum Köln, Germany © /2012


by the way...
2012 / photos: 200x300mm / 400x300mm, 5pieces of Glas: 500x300mm / 400x300mm, 17Woodenledges; size 630 / 107&140mm
(site specific installation 3.2 x 4.0m) at Sihlquai55, Zürich © /2012


urban oases
2011 / 8 photos, fine art print, mounted on aludibond, each 600 x 900mm
© / 2011


2011 / japanese ink on canson paper (acid free) 1500 x1800mm (work in progress)
on pedestal; 1500x1800mmx100mm © / 2011


to see what remains
2010 / 12 photos fine art print mounted on alu/sizes:200x300mm/300x400mm/ 200x330mm
presentation at Kunst10'ZH, international ART Fair2010, Zürich(CH) / serie of 12 photos
© / 2009 / 2010