FUJII Hikaru

FUJII Hikaru

update: 2020.2.28


Graduated with a DEA (MA) from Université de Paris 8 in 2004

Recent exhibitions
2020 "Things Entangling," Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 
2019 Solo Exhibition "Les nucléaires et les choses," KADIST, Paris 
2019 "Aichi Triennale 2019: Taming Y/Our Passion," Nagoya City Art Museum
2019 "Contour Biennale 9," Mechelen, Belgium
2019 "Zero Gravity World," Seoul Museum of Art 
2019 "The Breathing of Maps," Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media 
2018 Solo Exhibition "The Primary Fact," ISCP, New York 
2018 "Catastrophe and the Power of Art," Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
2018 "How little you know about me," National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Seoul 
2018 "Fast Forward Festival 5," Onassis Cultural Center, Athens
2018 "Manila Biennale," San Ignacio Church, Philippines
2018 "Travelers: Stepping into the unknown," National Museum of Art, Osaka

2020 "Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2020-2022"
2017 "Nissan Art Award 2017," Grand Prize

About works / performance

Fujii Hikaru's practice is based on the notion that artistic production implies a close relationship with society and history. Mainly in the form of video installation, he creates work that responds to contemporary social issues through detailed research and fieldwork on unique cultures and histories of various countries and regions. Fujii organizes workshops--intersections for interdisciplinary and artistic collaboration between specialists from diverse various fields. Here he reenacts historical events with participants as well as generates a situation where an active discussion arises. His methodology links the present with the past in creative ways, while structurally critiquing the domains of history and society that remain invisible.

Les nucléaires et les choses, 2019 

The Primary Fact, 2018 

Mujō (The Heartless), 2019  Photo: Ito Tetsuo

Record of Bombing, 2016  Photo: Shizune Shiigi