1960 Born in South Germany
1982-89 Studied at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, in sculpture and intermedia department.
From 1989 Joachim Fleischer developed works for public spaces, artificial space stage, performances (light and directing) and light installations.
He won several grants and prices like Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart DAAD travel grant to London, Renta Prize/Nürnberg, travel Grant to Budapest. He taught in different institutions and universities. From 2007 to 2011 he took up a deputy professorship at the intermedia department of the university of fine arts in Stuttgart.

projects for public space and art on architecture are (selection):
2012 several light installations at salt mine in Heilbronn, Germany, 2010 "Von Dingen" Permanent Light Installation, University of Hohenheim, 2008 "Scanning with Robots", Dolder Resort Zürich, permanent robot installation, 2005 "Pouring Light", light installation Munich

projects and exhibitions (selection):
2021 "Inversion", Public Art Project Kunsthalle Göppingen (S), 2020 Kunst ist Lebensbereicherung, Akademie der 
Diözese Rottenburg -Stuttgart (G), 2019 Art Price Evangelische Kirche Kunsthalle Göppingen (G), 2018 Kunsthalle Göppingen "Weiss isst Schwarz" (S), 2018 "Weisse Zeit", Roboterinstallation Dürr Systems AG, Bietigheim Bissingen (S), 2018 Exhibition Kulturregion Stuttgart, Drehmomente (G), 2018 "Drehmoment" with Nandor Angstenberger und Pia Lenzenberger, Städtische Galerie Bietigheim Bissingen, 2016 "Scannings" Torun, CSW Centre for Contemporary Arts (S), 2015 "Münsterscanning", Installation for the 125th anniversity of completing the Church (S).

About works / performance

Main theme in my work ist the exploring of the materiality of light, this means a continuously asking... about the other side, about image and the material mapping.

I am interested of crossing boundaries, working with light as material, as object, building machines with a certain aesthetic purpose or use them but only deploys them functionally as a mean of transportation for light, as a vehicle for my cunning, my doubts about what has been constructed and how it is perceived. Time plays a leading role in these works. Light, shadow, movement projection and space are the protagonists of the installations or pieces.
Some complex installations are performed by industrial robots and offers the viewers
to perceive the time and the space.

The works mainly exist in exhibitions, permanent installations or performances.

Joachim Fleischer_Robot1.jpg

Joachim Fleischer_Robot2.jpg
light scene with robots
, 2014, Rainy Days, New Music Festival Luxembourg, (layout-photo), Light-Robot Performance, light and movement, Composer: Michael Reudenbach

Joachim Fleischer_Robot1.jpg

Joachim Fleischer_Robot2.jpg
light scene with robots, 2014, Rainy Days, New Music Festival Luxembourg, (layout-photo), Light-Robot Performance, light and movement, Composer: Michael Reudenbach

Joachim Fleischer_Mü1.jpg
Joachim Fleischer_Mü2.jpg
Pouring Light, 2005, Isarwehr Munich, about 120m x 8m, light installation, light and movement, Photo: Kathrin Schwab

Joachim Fleischer_Continuum01.jpg
Joachim Fleischer_Continuum03.jpg
Continuum, 2012, 2,50 x 0,50 diameter, light installation, light and movement

Joachim Fleischer_Lost.jpg
Lost, 2011, directing performance, Performance: Sabine Effmert, Video: Oliver Feigl

Joachim Fleischer_Dolder1.jpg
Scanning with Robots, 2008, Light installation with 5 robots, steel, projection and movement, Dolder Resort, Zürich

Joachim Fleischer_2Boxes.jpg
2 Boxes, 2005, Light installation with 2 robots steel, projection and movement, Kunsthalle Mannheim

Joachim Fleischer_Dinge.jpg
From Objects, 2010, Akademie der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, site specific i