HORI Sonomi

HORI Sonomi


Born in Shizuoka in 1985. Lives and works in Shizuoka.
Graduated with an MFA in Sculpture Major from Okinawa prefectural University of Arts in 2009.

Recent exhibitions:
"Pharmakon Medical-ecological approaches for artistic sensibilization," The Terminal Kyoto, Kyoto / CAS, Osaka, 2017
"Open studio," Cité international des arts, Paris, 2017
"Tokyo Wonder Wall 2016," TWS Shibuya
"2015 Ichihanari Art Project," Hamahigajima, Okinawa
"Solo exhibition 'Kotobatoha'," galleria grafica bis, Tokyo, 2010

Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists, Agency for cultural affairs (Bunka-cho), Cité international des arts, Paris, 2016
"Granship Art compe 2011," Granship Prize
"Art meets Architecture Competition 2006 (AAC) 2006" AAC Prize

About works / performance

Consonance, 2018, clay, dimension determined by space

作品画像 差替(堀).jpg
negative-positive, 2017, clay, plaster, wine bottles, newspaper, books, dimension determined by space