Born in Ehime, Japan in 1988. Currently based in Kyoto and Shiga. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design (currently Kyoto University of the Arts) in 2013. Maetani uses photographs as a method for converting and confirming own actions. Member of the shared studio Yamanaka Suplex since 2019.

Recent Exhibitions
“Scape” FINCH ARTS, Kyoto,2022
Yamanaka suplex “Salt of the Blood” LEESAYA, Tokyo, 2021
“The Analogical Mirrors” Group exhibition, Yamanaka Suplex, Shiga, Japan, 2020
“Daikyoto Art Festival in Kyotango 2020” Group exhibition, Asamogawa Assembly Hall, Kyoto, 2020
“Night Think of Day, Day Think of Night” Solo exhibition, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, 2020
“Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions” Group exhibition, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2019
“Kapsel” Solo exhibition, FINCH ARTS, Kyoto, 2019

“Rokko Meets Art 2016” Encouragement Prize (2016)
“KUAD graduates under 30 selected”, The Parazine (Parasophia’s semi-official newspaper) Award, Kyoto Art Center Art Coordinator Award (2014)
“New Cosmos Photography 2013” Honorable Mention Award (2013)

About works / performances

From the etymology of the word landscape, from land to sea, and from sea to land, the transition of meanings directed in both directions of facing each other, led me to connect the method of self-portraiture that I have been practicing. When I look at the camera to record myself, I am simultaneously seen as the subject. By developing the self-portrait method that I have been using as an introspective act, I think I can create works that deal with the relationship between landscape and the body.

Long Arm, 2021

Scape, 2019

Kapsel7102, 2014

“Kapsel” installation view at Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions (Mori Art Museum), 2019
Photo by Keizo Kioku