I have studied graphic design and Fine Art. Other than working on oil color on canvas, I have experimented myself with many other new methods of expressing and practicing such as: installations, video art, conceptual art, performance art... have joined many international exhibitions such as: residency in Luxembourg, performance in Berlin, performance in China, international contemporary art festival in HCM, national contemporary art in Hanoi.

About works / performance
A box of condensed milk, similar to covers, barriers, walls that stop us from getting to understand ourselves, our society by invading, covering our every sense with sweetness. I want to experience the suffering capacity of myself when I am dissolved into it.

Contemporary society consists of many blending , hybrid colors, but how can we identify our own identity? moreover, the situation that our cilvilization is changing by every day and every hour, has brought doubts, but also power and affected manners with it. how can we come to understand each other when everything is covered with a sweet but rather tactical surface. To where will our so-called cilvilization take this world ? 

Creation of my own daily newspaper by condensed milk, with the exaggerated vision also analysis of current society. I demonstrate you a encoded world by macro-inclusive strategy of the global institutions in order to move and mutate human into "secret-tools". In my artworks, I have created a thin line between reality and imagination, I wish to show out the dual-meanings messages which the redundancy of "Hiding" camouflage manners been pushing up high as an evitable which the mutation, the memoirs pressure, the social concern, the improvisation and the physicalism have been mixed up, blended up together. The thing that I concern the most is to deeply understand about the substance of a human being's existence. Therefore, I have a strong desire of understanding myself more as well as the complicated connection between individual and society. It could bring me to a wider and purer view to the world.