Walter SEIDL

Walter SEIDL


Born in 1973. Graduated from Graz University in 2000.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are
Panel discussion on collecting cartographies during Frieze Art Fair, New York, 2012
ST. (realization of a photo-sound project on DVD, 2012)
Review of the Sanja Ivekovic restrospective show at MoMA New York for Camera Austria No. 117
Moving Forwards, Counting Backwards, MUAC, Mexico City (exhibition, 2012)
Works from the Kontakt Art Collection, Sofia City Gallery (exhibition, 2011)

About works / performance

The main activities revolve around the conceptual use of photographs and its artistic reverberations. Identity issues, political concerns and architectural matters are at the core of interest, which are dealt with in curatorial projects, theoretical texts as well as practical/personal work dealing with photographic imagery and its multifarious usages that also extend into video. Within this scope, it is essential to relate to the changing political geographies over the last 20 years and the global incidents, which changed our perception of a current world order. Globalized images have led to a uniform way of perceiving reality, yet the different hemispheres of the world prove to experience different social and political agendas, which have to be artistically explored.