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Casimiro Valentim Pereira ZECARUNO

update: 2012.6.1

Casimiro Valentim Pereira ZECARUNO
Visual Art
Residency Program (2012.5 - 2012.5)
Open Studio (2012.7 - 2012.7)

Born in 1981. Graduated from Senior High School in 2001.
Recent main activities are Art Exhibitions;
"Carving Through Time", 2011, Timor,
"Be With us Be with Nature", 2010, Shanghai World Exhibition,
"Universal Communication", 2009, Bali Indonesia,
"Art From Timor", 2006, Sydney Australia,
"United", 2006, Geneva at UN house & CIS Zumikon, Zurich, Switzerland,
"Art Auction", 2004, Charles Darwin University.

About works / performance
The concept is based on using art as way of peace building, and of discovering and developing Timor-Leste's cultural identity. This concept began at my art centre in Timor 9 years ago. As a community we played an important role in the unification of the nation especially during the crisis in our country in 2006.
I like to use art as a kind of recovery of our culture, through paintings and sculpture. I emphasize the cultural elements in our traditional life in the past, but often mixed with modern ideas and materials.
In my role at Arte Moris, I help to develop this idea with other artists to enable us to bring our culture to the international stage. This is so we as Timorese artists do not get left behind the global development of art that grows rapidly at the moment.