On Site Lab Workshop - Series 4

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On Site Lab Workshop - Series 4

"Creative Dialogue and Commitment to the Environment"

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TitleOn Site Lab Workshop - Series 4
"Creative Dialogue and Commitment to the Environment"
Date2009.7.24(Fri) - 2009.8.2(Sun)
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
University of the Arts London / The Japan Foundation (JENESYS Programme) / PMI2 Connect

The "On Site Lab Workshop Series" is established in 2006 using the Creator-in-residence facility. A number of tutors from around the world are invited to work together on a chosen theme, while another 30 creators from different fields (including artists, designers, architects, composers and performers) are also brought together for a weeklong program, their collective works are shown and discussed. The program serves as an experiment in bringing together young creators from different background to work together toward new horizon of knowing.

The fourth program "On Site lab Workshop-Series" held this year will focus on the theme "proposal for a recycling society". It consists in outdoor researches in institutions related to the handling of garbage and the recycling in Tokyo, workshops held by creators coping practically with this problem and group works, including lectures, given by researchers and persons in charge of policies, among others. There will be individual or group presentations at the end.

Presentation of Tutors (7/24)

Lecture by Song Dong (7/25)

Outdoor Research in Tokyo metropolitan government landfill site (7/27)

Midterm report 1 (7/29)

Midterm report 1 (7/29)

Preparation for Final Presentation (8/1) (Photo: Ayako Osanai)

We have 5 open public programs. See the schedule below. (Find a mark, "[open]")

  • Chris Wainwright
    (Head of Colleges, Camberwell, Chealsea and Wimbledon, University of the Arts London)

  • Toshi Ichiyanagi
     (Composer, Pianist)

  • Kosuke Tsumura   
    (Professor of Musashino Art University / Director of "FINAL HOME")

  • Kotaro Watanabe
    (Design engineer of "takram design engineering")

  • Yusaku Imamura
    (Counselor on Special Issue to the Governor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Director, Tokyo Wonder Site)

  • Kayoko Iemura
    (Program Director, Tokyo Wonder Site)
  • Song Dong   

    and more.

7/24(Fri): Presentation of Tutors [open] 7/25(Sat): Introduction of Participants,
                     Lecture by Song Dong [open]

7/26(Sun): Lecture [open]
                     by Hiroya Tanaka(Design Engineer) and
                     Karasawa Yuusuke(Architect)  
7/27(Mon): Outdoor Research in
                      Tokyo metropolitan government landfill site, 
                      "Sea of Forest,"
                      Shinagawa waste disposal factory 
                      and  Bay Area garbage collection point
7/28(Tue): Visiting the exhibition "Is it waste?"
7/29(Wed): Midterm report
7/30(Thu): Lecture  [open]
                     by Oguro Kazumi(chief editor of "Sotokoto" magazine)  
7/31(Fri): Open Symposium
                   "Creative dialogue and Commitment to the Environment" 
8/1(Sat): Preparation for Final Presentation
8/2(Sun): Final Presentation and summary from tutors  [open]

How to prticipate to the open public program

NO advanced reservation is required.
Please come to Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama directly on the day of each lecture/presentation!

Participating Creator

Kosuke Tsumura