Layers of Optical Experience

ACT(Artists Contemporary TOKAS)

Layers of Optical Experience

ACT (Artists Contemporary TOKAS) Vol. 6

What you see by standing there…

With the internet pervading every aspect of life, we are bombarded with huge numbers of images on a daily basis. When attending an exhibition, many people have already viewed the works on someone’s social media account, and perhaps even feel as if they have been to the venue before. With increasing opportunities to see art online, it is not always essential to see it in real life. Nonetheless, the thrill and wonder of encountering artworks face to face cannot be fully captured on a screen and remains irreplaceable. This exhibition features the works of two artists and one group; Ohba Takafumi, Suga Yushi, YOF (Ohara Takayoshi + Furusawa Ryu + Yanagawa Tomoyuki) that visually interpret the structure of cognition in various ways. We encourage you to come to the venue, and experience the many-layered disruptions of technique and structure that emerge when engaging with these works in person.

Ohba focuses on human memory, creating paintings from photographs in which he employs various methods of making and erasing marks, leaving traces that build up in layers. Suga explores painterly phenomena emanating from the physicality of brushwork and the material nature of the paint, applying paint uniformly on urethane-coated surfaces for a mirror-like finish, then selectively scraping it away and using the removed paint to create complementary works. YOF, a collective of Ohara Takayoshi, Furusawa Ryu, and Yanagawa Tomoyuki, deliver novel optical experiences through exploration and practice involving color and space in visual media, manipulating the emergence of color through the interplay of specialized lighting and spatial design.

These artists’ works please the eye with intricate surfaces and textures, while requiring viewers to move around the venue and adopt different perspectives to apprehend them completely. Viewing the works in person leads to a range of discoveries, and physically engaging with them at length invites reconsideration of the basic act of “seeing an object and recalling a memory.”
The timing and nature of cognition following perception, the formation of memories, and the forging of associations with other events differ from person to person, and the variations among these process are what make our world so multifaceted. We invite you to enjoy these artists’ wide-ranging explorations and innovative creations in person at the exhibition venue.


TitleACT (Artists Contemporary TOKAS) Vol. 6 "Layers of Optical Experience"
Date2024/2/24 (Sat) - 2024/3/24 (Sun) 
VenueTokyo Arts and Space Hongo
ArtistOHBA Takafumi, SUGA Yushi, YOF (OHARA Takayoshi + FURUSAWA Ryu + YANAGAWA Tomoyuki)
OrganizerTokyo Arts and Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

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right landscape (the dog is scared of thunder)  2023

OHBA Takafumi 
Born in Osaka in 1988. Lives and works in Hiroshima.
Ohba Takafumi explores the cognitive structures of remembering and forgetting, translating these concepts into two-dimensional works. His seemingly simple creations are the result of intricate, multi-layered processes.
Having focused thus far on what he deems “ideal landscapes,” Ohba now turns his attention to “false memories” of things that did not actually occur and “appropriated memories” that actually belong to others. He adopts a novel approach, drawing forth new landscapes by manipulating seemingly humdrum photographs taken by acquaintances and interrogating ostensibly shared memories of specific times, all while engaging in dialogues with others.

Imitation room -paris texas #1,2  2023

SUGA Yushi 
Born in Nagasaki in 1988. Lives and works in Ibaraki.
Suga Yushi explores painterly phenomena emanating from the physicality of brushwork and the material nature of the paint, above and beyond clearly rendered images. He has recently adopted a distinctive style of presentation in which he pairs two works with the same or related motifs, highlighting their contrasts and correlations.
In this exhibition, with the theme of “liminal,” Suga unveils his first installation, displaying the computer-graphic models he depicts alongside his paintings. This series of paintings, created using a range of techniques and manifesting as paired sets, merge reality and fiction. They emerge as a novel mode of expression, occupying the liminal space between media while inseparably uniting them.

on Display (Paint)  2023
Photo: INAGUCHI Shunta

The artist collective YOF, consisting of Ohara Takayoshi, Furusawa Ryu, and Yanagawa Tomoyuki, conducts pragmatic research on color and space and explores the scope of image extension in digital media, thereby interrogating the current state of visual expression. YOF’s recent installations include those employing monitors to delve into interplay between the viewer’s gaze and the video space. 
In this exhibition, they investigate the inherent conceptual boundaries of objects by creating abrupt visual disconnects between the subjects and their surrounding environments in actual space, much as pictures are incongruously cut and pasted in digital imaging.
Grant: TOKYO GEIDAI “I LOVE YOU” project 2023

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Date2024/3/2 (Sat) 16:00-17:30
ArtistsOHBA Takafumi, SUGA Yushi, YOF (OHARA Takayoshi + FURUSAWA Ryu + YANAGAWA Tomoyuki)
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Participating Creator

YOF (OHARA Takayoshi + FURUSAWA Ryu + YANAGAWA Tomoyuki)
OHBA Takafumi
SUGA Yushi