Mintio Tio

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

Mintio Tio

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedSingapore / Indonesia
Period2012.5 - 2012.7
Purpose of the residency

Throughout my practice as a fine art photographer, I've been interested in the study of Asian metropolises and though Tokyo is one of the most biggest and vibrant places, it is a place that I've yet to work in. TWS' Residency program will give me the unique opportunity of creating work there for my research on the ever-growing urban environment of Asia. . In art, Asian fine art photographers are coming out strong in reception in the recent years and I hope that my presence will bring about synergy with the other fine art photographers or artists in Tokyo. The networks that I can build during the residency period will open opportunities to more cross cultural collaborations between artists of different backgrounds.

Plan during the residency

My focus in Tokyo will be in the city's use of neon lights and signages, questioning its nature and sustainability, celebrating its iconic beauty through photography. I wish to draw people attention into issues of electricity consumption, light pollution and to think about the creative methods of how we map our city. I believe that when people experience the process of creating art, critical topics are made more compelling to them and in turn affect their actions in the future. Through the perspectives created by my camera I can render familiar places as fantastical and sublime so that the residences in Tokyo can see their own city with new eyes.

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