Residency Program

Research Residency Program


Participating Project  
Research Residency Program
Activity BasedJapan
Period 2019.5- 2019.6
Purpose of the residency

My main purpose of stay in TOKAS residency is getting to visit and interact with the cooperators such as artists, collectors, and critics in Tokyo and abroad. For I will meet with experts in video art, contemporary ceramics, and crafts , etc, The cooperator’s fields are various. Additionally, I would like to see works and literature about modern Japanese paintings, that the subject of my works has represented to Yokoyama Taikan and Okakura Tenshin until now. I would like to relativize the perspectives of domestic Japanese toward history and art include my background. The goal is writing the statement to deepen an idea of “Painting of Little Narratives”.

Plan during the residency

・Interact and collect materials with cooperators ( e.g. artists, collectors, and critics) and visit their studios and homes.
・Survey literature and observe works on modern Japanese paintings at museums and libraries around Tokyo, such as the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art and Tokyo University of the Art.
・Writing artist statement, drawing, working out a plan for new work of painting. 

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